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The Collection Ratings and Reviews

Below you will find customer reviews.   Click here to tell us what you think.

Ashwani Chugani | FL | 2017-02-23

Eric Medinilla was a pleasure to deal with. He setup a date and time that worked with my schedule. Walked me through all the models vehicles I was considering. Test drove the one I narrowed it down to, and then found me the best model that was in stock and even gave me options to consider to make sure I was making the right decision. He was very conscious of my time, and from the beginning to the end it was a smooth transaction. My wife will be in the market next year for a new vehicle, and I am going to sway her to work with Eric Medinilla.

Helen Del Toro | Florida | 2017-04-12

Great experience, if you want to buy a Porsche go and ask for Julio Mata, his service is above all other and makes the process go through pretty fast. We are very happy with his service and the service from the Porsche team. In a future I won't hessitate on going to him.

Alana Fernandez | Florida | 2017-04-27

Julio Mata was very helpful in helping me find a new Porsche. He made the process of buying a new car very easy and straightforward, and helped me to custom order a Cayenne. Julio kept me up to date on the delivery updates and showed me everything about my new car once it arrived at the dealership. I love my new Cayenne SO much, thank you Julio!

Ricardo Trotti | Florida | 2017-05-12

I am extremely happy with my new Porsche experience. Salesperson Gabriel Navarrete was very professional and incredibly helpful. I wish all salespersons would have the same kind of professionalism.

Alexandra Guerra | Florida | 2017-05-20

Eric Medinilla was very helpful and great to work with. Would highly recommend.

Tom Castellanos | FL | 2017-06-07

Gabriel Navarrete was a pleasure to deal with a polite and professional young man ,As I life long Porsche guy Gabriel helped me navigate the selection of my new Turbo S Thank you all at the Collection Porsche

Paola Pomelli | Florida | 2017-01-25

The best car, the best store, the best sales expert!

Paola Pomelli | FL | 2017-01-25

The best car, the best store, the best sales expert!

Kelly Rodriguez | Florida | 2016-12-29

I had the pleasure of working with Andres Cruz in leasing my 2017 911 Carerra. Even before arriving to the dealership, Andres answered my many questions and went over the vehicle with me over the telephone. Once at the dealership, both Andres and Jose Yunen (Porsche General Manager), worked with me to obtain the optimal lease program for me. Andres was patient, accommodating and extremely professional. I have been to other Porsche dealerships and I highly recommend The Collection Porsche. They go above and beyond to make the purchase of a Porsche the best experience one can have. Thank you Collection Porsche and especially Andres Cruz!! Kelly Rodriguez, Esq.

Leonel Molina | Florida | 2016-10-11

Very professional team

Bill Lapko | Florida | 2016-12-15

Gilmore simplified the whole buying process. He worked to get the best car for my needs. He was very knowledgeable in explaining all features. I’m very happy with the deal on my new Porsche!

Miguel Gonzalez | Florida | 2016-12-29

Julio Matas is the best. He has the best attitude. If I have to buy another Porsche I will go directly to one of the experts on selling Porsche, and the experts on the best car in the world, is JULIO MATA at The Collection in Miami,

Ana Sofia Villaveces | Florida | 2016-09-27

Phenomenal 5 STAR service! Thank you Anthony Pries.

Shaun Patel | Florida | 2016-05-23

I had a wonderful experience working with Gabrielle Navarrete in the Porsche division at the Collection. I had a previously had a bad experience with ANOTHER team member at the Collection but before giving up I gave them one last chance. I ended up meeting Gabrielle who was superb from beginning to end. I highly recommend him. He made the experience wonderful taking care of all the details. Actually, we even had a chance to get lunch while he finalized details with my insurance. I will be sending my friends, family and colleagues. I highly recommend Gabrielle Navarrete at the Collection for all of your Porsche needs. - Shaun

Carlos Sulbaran | FL | 2016-01-26

We had the pleasure of working with Ariel Menendez in purchasing our new 2014 Carerra S. We asked a lot of questions and often the same questions! Ariel was extremely knowledgeable and,We were extremely impressed with the depth of his knowledge. Ariel was patient, accommodating and very professional. What fun and what a super sport Car! How will we ever forget this experience. We love our new Porsche !! We highly recommend The Collection Porsche and specifically Ariel Menendez. Thanks

Valter Santos | FL | 2016-01-26

I'm very satisfied with The Collection. In speacial with Emily Burton. She was so attentive and patient, she helped us with the purchase from the beginning to the end. Since the first e-mail Emily helped me with all I needed. The service was great and they were up to my expectations. I recommend!

Silvia Perez | FL | 2016-01-26

The collection is the place to get the best automobiles and the staff ( Julio Mata, Jose Yunen,are the best!Thanks Guys for evrythin!

Isaac Almosny | FL | 2016-01-26

Outstanding service and help.

Ryan G. | FL | 2016-01-26

Peter Molini & Finance department were both extremely helpful for my situation. Got the deal done ASAP; highly recommended. Will continue to be a customer for future car(s).

Fernando Rodriguez | FL | 2016-01-26

I met a car salesman and left with a friend... Outstanding service from Ariel Menendez

Bernardo Bustamante | FL | 2016-01-26

My experience in buying my Porsche Cayenne in the care of team knowledge and professionalism was excellent thanks to Julio Mata, M. Gilmore Delima and Nelson Velez,

Ian Nicholson | FL | 2016-01-26

Just wanted to praise the great service i received from both Nelson Velez and Emily Burton with my recent lease of a Porsche 911. Everyone was incredibly nice and Emily was especially helpful and had amazing follow-thru! Thank you!!

Mauro Pereira | FL | 2016-01-26

I would like to congratulate the seller Gilmore, who helped me with a lot of dedication and professionalism. Thank you.

Juan Katz | FL | 2016-01-26

Great experience.

Sylvio Campos | FL | 2016-01-26

Great experience!!!

Mike Roque | FL | 2016-01-26

great service from sales person Emily Burton.

Sergio Zamora | FL | 2016-01-26

The easiest and fastest car I have ever got! Julio Mata made it happened !

Peter V. Choy | FL | 2016-01-26

Eric was excellent an Jose were excellent in they service . Also the business side of it was painless and fast

Tomas Sebastian | FL | 2016-01-26

Shawn Beudoin and especially Steve Superville were exceptional in getting my 3rd purchase from The Collection. Steve was very accommodating and understanding to my purchase demands. I always feel special when coming here. I will keep coming back.

Luis Noboa | FL | 2016-01-26

Always the best customer service

Carmen and Ray Velazquez | FL | 2016-01-26

Ariel, Made us feel not as customers but as friends or family and helped and guided us all the way. We will recomend him to all of our friends and associates as Honest, Sincere and very proffesional.

Lloyd Miller | FL | 2016-01-26

Steve helped me to find the Porsche I was looking for quickly and was a good salesman. Overall it was a great experience!

Sebastian Valverde | FL | 2016-01-26

Outstanding service and help. Thank you Santiago Morales for keep me informed during the process (I ordered a car and It was coming from Germany). And despite the professionalism, a nice person.

Max & Maria Rodriguez | FL | 2016-01-26

Great experience with the process. I want to thank Michael Armenteros my service advisor for recommending Eric Medinilla as the Porsche Sales Rep. By coincidence they had the exact model in the desired color combination. Jose Velez was also very helpful in making it all happen.

Ruben Eiroa | FL | 2016-01-26

Julio mata me hizo comprar mi Porsche macan s en una hora y se me entrego en el día en mi domicilio sin duda cuando vuelva a comprar un carro lo haré con julio excelente

Francisco González | FL | 2016-01-26

Great experience over the years. Both sales and service strive to please. Julio Mata in Sales and Michael Armenteros in service...tell them I sent you!

Giovanni Bassi | FL | 2016-01-26

Julio and Andres where very efficient to let me feel comfortable when I decide to change my 6month Alfa 4C with a brand new Macan. In both occasion, when I bought the 4C and now, when I change it, this people where very helpful in let me make the right decision. Additionally I cannot forget the sympathy of both. Thanks chicos

Verne Sharma | FL | 2016-01-26

Fabulous service and responsiveness from Steve Sumerville. He handled our getting a Cayenne Diesel with remarkable ease and complete professionalism. I get not only a marvelous vehicle but a wonderful friend.

Giuliana Sanchez | FL | 2016-01-26


Alan Iofalo | FL | 2016-01-26

I just bought a 2016 Porsche GTS with the sport design package . When buying a premium car like Porsche you expect a level of service just like you expect a super quality car . It would best described when you go out to eat and you go to a nice restaurant on the higher end the dining experience is not only about the great meal but the service you get from the waitress which makes the whole experience complete and outstanding . This is how I felt about my experience at the collection and my top notch Porsche ambassador Eric Medinilla . The service was exceptional from picking me up at the airport for delivery of my new Porsche ,to giving me some added bonuses that was totally unexpected. Eric was extremely kind and went out of his way to give me clear side marker turn signals . Not a super high dollar item but really made a big impression on me with that level of service and the gift was very much appreciated and made me feel really good about the porsche brand and the treatment you get when buying one . Nelson Velez the sales manager also gave me a gift a 2016 Porsche calendar once again showing and excellence in service . This purchase at the collection has been amazing as I flew all the way in from orlando over 300 miles to do my business with the collection . I'm very picky about little things and attention to detail and every detail was considered bye the collection I even noticed a full tank of gas which was nice and tire shine on the wheels . This was a Christmas gift to myself and I always remembered the the commercials buying a new car and a big red bow on top . The collection gave me a big red bow for my new porsche really neat experience during the holidays . Speaking of the new car as stated 2016 Porsche GTS this car is absolutely amazing . The handling is phenomenal no body roll I can best describe as saying its so smooth even in a sharp corner when the sign said 45 I looked down to see 85 mph and no body roll whats so ever . The gas mileage is also amazing I made it all the way from Miami back to daytona area with one tank of gas . This purchase all around has been outstanding and I'm really glad to have went out of my way to do my business with the collection and Eric I couldn't be more happy . I would highly recommend Eric and Nelson at the collection before going anywhere else they are top notice and the best in the business . I"m so pleased with the collection and will be buying my second porsche again there when that time comes . I hope my review was not to long but I spent the extra time writing it because of the expectation I really felt the collection took care of me and all my needs . This is the place to go for a Porsche I highly recommend you ask for Eric I know i will

Jim McNeill 03/15/16 | North Carolina | 2016-03-16

Finally able to fulfill a dream and purchase my first Porsche 911. The professionalism and care that Romy Vega provided was second to none. Great Experience and super smooth delivery. Romy, Thanks again for the excellent service!

Gary Hunt | FL | 2016-04-09

After weeks of enduring the other South Florida Porsche dealers and their games of deception. I truly feel I had saved the best for last, Gilmore and the management team at the Porsche Collection were beyond professional, they listened and delivered exactly what I wanted to the letter. I appreciate their dedication and the quality of their service and high standard of excellence! Buying a vehicle anywhere else would be your loss.

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